The FW Profile

The Framework Profile (or FW Profile for short) is a specification-level modelling language for software applications. It is partially defined as a restriction of UML, but it removes most of UML’s complexity and resolves its semantic ambiguities.

The FW Profile promotes a separation of concerns between functional and timing aspects of an application and is specifically aimed at the construction of requirements models for real-time embedded applications. One of its unique features is the support for the specification of reusable software assets (software frameworks) of the kind used when developing software product families.

FW Profile models can be subjected to formal verification using the Spin Model Checker. This makes the FW Profile especially well-suited for use in the safety-critical domains.

The FW Profile is language independent. P&P Software offers tool support to translate a requirements model expressed with the FW Profile into C code. The C1 Implementation is a C-language library providing an implementation of the core modelling concepts of the FW Profile.
The FW Profile - official page

The CORDET Framework

The CORDET Framework is a specification of a generic architecture for distributed embedded applications. It pre-defines a set of components and message-based interfaces through which applications can request services from each other and provide information about themselves to each other. With the CORDET Framework a system of distributed applications is specified by customizing these components and by connecting them through the framework’s service interface.

The CORDET Framework is defined at specification level and is therefore language-independent. P&P Software offers the C2 Implementation as a C-language implementation of the CORDET Framework. Thus, the CORDET Framework supports the development of service-oriented applications at specification level by providing concepts which facilitate the specification of such applications and the C2 Implementation complements it by providing pre-defined components which support the rapid implementation in C of those specifications.
The CORDET Framework - official page

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