We offer consulting services in the following areas:

  • Specification and design of software applications for safety-critical, real-time and embedded systems.
  • Verification and validation of applications using either the classical review- and test-based approach or model-checking techniques. We have practical experience with both the Spin model checker and the SCADE tool suite.
  • Preparation of data packages for certification purposes. We have practical experience with the following standards: IEC 61508, UL1998, and ECSS-E-ST-40C.
Consulting activities are carried out directly by us. We are not a manpower intermediation company. We offer our own services in areas where we have proven industrial expertise in order to bring to our customers high quality consulting at competitive rates (no intermediation fees).

We only accept projects where we believe that we can make a significant contribution on the basis of our specific skills and past experience. The quality of our products – publicly available via open-source licences – vouchsafes for the quality of the services which we offer to our customers.

We work with partners in the Czech Republic and offer their support for labour-intensive development activities. In this case, we take over project management, requirements and architecture definition and out-source development tasks.

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