The CORDET Framework


C Language Implementation

The CORDET Framework is defined at specification level and is therefore language-independent. P&P Software GmbH offer a C-language implementation with the following characterstics:

  • Well-Defined Semantics: clearly and unambiguously defined behaviour.
  • Minimal Memory Requirements: core module footprint of less than 20 kBytes.
  • Small CPU Demands: efficient implementation in C.
  • Excellent Scalability: memory footprint and CPU demands are independent of number of supported services.
  • High Reliability: test suite with 100% code, branch, and condition coverage.
  • Formal Specification: user requirements formally specify the implementation.
  • Requirement Traceability: all requirements individually traced to implementation and verification evidence.
  • Documented Code: doxygen documentation for all the source code.
  • User Manual: description of implementation issues relevant to end-users.
  • Demo Application: complete application demonstrating capabilities and mode of use.

These characteristics make the C2 Implementation especially well-suited for use in embedded and mission-critical applications.

The User Manual for the C implementation of the CORDET Framework is available in this document. This implementation has been used for the on-board software of the payload of the CHEOPS Satellite.