The Framework Profile


Qualification Data Package

The Qualification Data Package is a set of documents and test cases which demonstrate the correct specification and implementation of the C1 Implementation of the FW Profile. The Qualification Data Package is intended to support the certification of end-applications which use the C1 Implementation. It is available as part of the delivery file for the C1 Implementation (see download page for GPL version or buy page for commercially licensed version).

The Qualification Data Package consists of:

  • User Manual which discusses implementation issues which are relevant to end-users.
  • User Requirements Document including:
    • A set of Software Requirements which formally specify the implementation.
    • An Implementation Traceability Matrix which shows how each requirement is implemented.
    • A Verification Traceability Matrix which shows how the implementation of each requirement is verified.
    • A Validation Traceability Matrix which justifies each requirement with respect to the intended use of the C1 Implementation.
  • Test Suite with 100% statement, function, branch, and condition coverage for the entire state machine and procedure implementation (excluding error branches for system calls).
  • Doxygen Documentation.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).